Solar grave candle

The solar grave candle, for use within standard grave lamps made of bronze / aluminum, is successfully developed further and shines now, thanks to the latest technology,

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24 hours 365 days per year.
With new flicker LED (in red and yellow) and greatly maximized Luminosity compared to the previous model !!!
In addition, an alternative candle head is included.
The solar grave candle lights up round around the clock by the energy of the sun:

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High-performance solar cells mounted in the housing generate the electricity, which is stored in the latest NiMH batteries and given to a special LED (light emission diode) via intelligent electronics. Installation is child's play:
Insert the batteries in the battery compartment, put on theft protection: DONE!

Below is a video of the latest version with flickering candle LED:

Here are the advantages of the solar grave candle at a glance:
-Environmentally friendly as batteries are used
-No flame extinguished by wind or rain
-Absolutely harmless, no more risk of burns
-No maintenance or follow-up costs *
-No damage to the grave lamp
-A choice of red or yellow light
-A choice of standard or candle head
-Can be used in any standard grave lamp
-NiMH batteries included (no memory effect)
-Protection against theft enclosed
-Your existing grave lamp will continue to be used
-Usable in midsummer as opposed to grave lights
-Normal daylight is sufficient for 24-hour continuous operation
-Life of the LED about 10 years in continuous operation
-Cost savings of up to 150 EUR annually, up to 1500 EUR in 10 years
-No time spent buying new grave lights or batteries
-No soot or wax contaminates the grave lamp

The following colors of the flicker LEDs are available on request (standard delivery is red):

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