Glass cylinder in Boro3.3

New in our range are heat-resistant glass cylinders, some with ventilation holes, as they are often used in lanterns and lamps. Of course, we also manufacture beakers and other articles, even in small quantities, in heat-resistant laboratory glass (borosilicate glass 3.3) on customer request.

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Currently partially in stock (without holes),
outer diameter is specified, wall thickness 2-2,2mm:

GC70-130 = Diameter 70mm, Height 130mm

GC75-140 = Diameter 75mm, Height 140mm
GC75-157 = Diameter 75mm, Height 157mm
GC75-165 = Diameter 75mm, Height 165mm
GC75-180 = Diameter 75mm, Height 180mm
GC75-195 = Diameter 75mm, Height 195mm

GC80-140 = Diameter 80mm, Height 140mm
GC80-160 = Diameter 80mm, Height 160mm
GC80-165 = Diameter 80mm, Height 165mm

GC90-150 = Diameter 90mm, Height 150mm
GC90-160 = Diameter 90mm, Height 160mm
GC90-165 = Diameter 90mm, Height 165mm
GC90-170 = Diameter 90mm, Height 170mm
GC90-180 = Diameter 90mm, Height 180mm
GC90-193 = Diameter 90mm, Height 193mm
GC90-200 = Diameter 90mm, Height 200mm
GC90-250 = Diameter 90mm, Height 250mm

GC95-150 = Diameter 95mm, Height 150mm
GC95-155 = Diameter 95mm, Height 155mm
GC95-180 = Diameter 95mm, Height 180mm
GC95-190 = Diameter 95mm, Height 190mm
GC95-195 = Diameter 95mm, Height 195mm
GC95-199 = Diameter 95mm, Height 199mm

GC100-200 = Diameter 100mm, Height 200mm

GC105-195 = Diameter 105mm, Height 195mm

each without illuminant!

Further technical information on the type of used glass can be found here, analogous to our grave lantern protection beakers: Boro3.3-FAQ


New York

Grave Lantern Protection Beaker

to protect your grave lantern made of Borosilicateglass 3.3



frequently asked questions about Borosilicateglass 3.3 according to DIN ISO 3585


Damage Gallery

Gallery full of damage images because of missing protection beakers.



New York

Eternal light beakers

Ruby red eternal light beakers for church needs


Solar grave candle

Solar grave candle for use inside grave lanterns

San Francisco

Glass cylinder

made of heat resistant Borosilicateglass 3.3



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